Increase your Plastic IQ and take steps to decrease the environmental impact of your packaging

What is Plastic IQ?

Plastic IQ is a data-driven digital platform to help companies end plastic waste.

Any company producing or consuming plastic packaging can be part of the movement to advance towards circular economy by improving their plastic footprint.

Efficiently reducing your plastic footprint requires increasing your knowledge of the solution space, and designing and executing a comprehensive packaging strategy into actual impact.

From reuse, to redesign and recycling, Plastic IQ is designed to help companies take action.


Accelerate your transition to circular economy with fit-for-purpose tools

Plastic IQ Pro tool helps companies understand the impact of their plastic packaging portfolio and design detailed and robust strategies to improve their performance over time.

Plastic IQ Lite tool is designed to raise awareness and help users navigate the complex world of sustainable packaging, before moving onto Pro. The Lite tool is a good point to start for users early in their circularity journey!

Solutions Database is a detailed guide of global best practices for reducing plastic waste and relevant case studies of applying those in the local context.

Get to know your Plastic IQ and take action to support the transition to a circular economy for your plastic packaging


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Start your circularity journey with the education tool of Plastic IQ


Build your circularity strategy with the data-driven tool of Plastic IQ

Solution Database

Discover impactful packaging strategies and best practices with the solution database of Plastic IQ


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What our clients say


Guy Hawkins

Human Resource Director

The plastic waste challenge is too big to ignore and too difficult to solve alone. We must work together to implement data-based solutions to eliminate plastic waste. My company is using Plastic IQ, a free tool to identify effective solutions and create a customized action plan to improve our plastic packaging strategy and reduce carbon impact.

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